Monday, March 17, 2008

Kim & Talia's Project!

For our project, Kim and I designed this cute circle album in a jar! We love circles and clear elements, so we wanted to do something that would combine the two. These Ikea jars were what made it rock...when we were designing this I think we said "This is so cute!" about a bazillion times. Haha!! Anyways, it was lots of fun to teach and the kits were awesome. I know everyone went home with just tons of "left-overs" which is always fun. We even had holes drilled in the lids of the jars so that the album would attach right to the lid...LOVED that. Thanks to everyone who did this with us, we hope it was worth the wait!

The whole evening was just so rewarding. One lady came up to us at the end with her completed jar album and told us that this was the first project she had ever actually finished...she was just so excited. How cool is that? Again, it was fun to see people add their own flair to their projects and so many went home with their stuff completed. Made Kim and I so happy!!

Retail Value of Kim and Talia's Project: $40

More pictures to come!!

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KateB said...

this is my first visit to your site and this project is awwesome! How do I get it?