Monday, March 17, 2008

Girl's Night Out!!!

Wow....where do we even begin? Girl's Night Out was on Saturday night and I think it is safe to say that it was a success. It really was a fun evening had by all...we had lots of people say that they just loved it and the atmosphere was just very light-hearted and fun. All of the planning and preparations were definately worth it!

(Talia, Janet and Kim...we had so much fun together this weekend!)

(the GNO "team": Karly, Winter, Janna, Talia, Mikeheila, Janet, Jen and Kim!)

It was so much fun to set up and decorate! We went a bit crazy with our pink and orange theme...from the table cloths, to the goodie bags, to the giveaway table's hanging flowers, the nametags, the bulletin board, the candy centerpieces...everything! I loved the effect when you first walked into the room. We even set up a table at the back of the room with mine and Kim's work displayed. I always love seeing people's scrapbooking projects, so we thought we'd share some of our stuff. And a fun little surprise was Heidi's banners from CHA that Janet brought along with her. They looked so awesome up on the wall. Thanks, Heidi and Janet!

Honestly, the evening was just so fabulous and so much fun! Kim and I were just so excited to see it all come together. It went so smoothly, and we were especially excited to be able to chat and hang out with everyone that came. Talk about an evening with a bunch of girls! Hehe!

Once again, thank you so much to everyone that was there and to all those who helped make this happen. It was a dream come true for us...maybe we'll do this again next year??!!? For now, we'll be getting things going over at the Goodie Box again starting in April...our 1 year anniversary!

Please let us know what you thought of the event, we value every one's constructive criticism and positive feedback. We will have a handful of kits available for you to buy for those who are interested. We'll post more info on that later this week.

For now, we are off and we'll be back again soon!

Talia & Kim:)


Alicia said...

You need to come down and do one in the states!

diane said...

Congrats on the success of your first GNO!!!... Sure looks like fun, thought you'd have more feed back here... but wish I could have come... maybe next year! Glad all went well for you!
Diane R.

Jacqueline said...

Talia & Kim,
The pictures look favourite colors: orange and pink. I'm so jealous I wasn't able to attend. I'm sure everyone who did had a blast and be sure to take a few moments to breathe and relax now that it is all over.
Keep up the inspiring work!

Dana said...

WOW!!!! You girls are so great at this. You did an amazing job and I wish I had been there for it. I'm in Vancouver - Maybe next time. Congratulations! I have never seen such a cool crop!

Jill Williams said...

What a beautiful job you ladies did! The tables, the hanging decorations, the displays-- even the name tags. So nice! ive never seen a crop so pretty!